HB 4127A School-Based Oral Health


VOTE: NO – Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2020R1/Measures/Overview/HB4127

This bill directs schools to include oral health classes and establishes a school-based Community Dental Health Coordinator Pilot Program to provide exams and possible treatments.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This bill infringes on “personal responsibility” because parents should be responsible for their children’s health. Many parents consider school screenings an invasion of their privacy. Local non-profits provide dental services to those that cannot afford dental care for their children. Making the program school-based is a way of providing care without parent knowledge or consent. There are other ways to provide dental care for low-income without a school-based program.

Fiscal Responsibility
Funded with $200,000. The Oregon Health Authority shall apply to the United States Health Resources and Services Administration for funding to support the pilot program. Oregon Health Authority shall seek funding from gifts, grants or other contributions from public and private sources for the purposes of carrying out the Community Dental Health Coordinator Pilot Program.

Limited Government
This would create a new program, increasing state government as oversight with four state coordinators. We all agree that children benefit from good dental hygiene and the importance should be part of the health curriculum, but exams and treatment shouldn’t be school-based outside of parent responsibility and knowledge. This is government overreach. This bill also uses the Emergency Clause when it is not an actual emergency.


  1. Sue Biasi Kershaw says:

    Aren’t schools already over burdened and under funded???

  2. BJ says:

    Another ridiculous requirement put upon schools by guess who, a legislator who happens to be a dentist. We don’t need dental exams to be preformed in schools, what’s next, annual doctor checkups that they want the schools (a.k.a. We the Taxpayers) to pay for?

  3. Jennifer Brown says:



  4. Katie Agee says:

    This is a great idea!

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