HB 4133 Allows social security for voter registration

Signed into law by Gov Brown on 3-7-22
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2022R1/Measures/Overview/HB4133

Requires electronic voter registration system to allow qualified individual to register to vote with last four digits of an individual’s Social Security number. Requires system to enable individual to electronically submit image of signature. Authorizes Secretary of State to have system include application allowing approved third-party organizations to submit registration cards electronically on behalf of individuals.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
By allowing third-party organizations to submit registration cards electronically on behalf of individuals, they are removing the personal choice and responsibility of those persons to control their voter registration. Mistakes will happen due to this third-party process.

Fiscal Responsibility
Money should not be used to develop or conduct this process as it removes the rights of the individual to self determine their election rights and responsibilities. Voting is a fundamental right that should be handled best by the voter. Potential Fraud is real. https://blog.cyble.com/2021/03/10/16-million-social-security-numbers-disclosed-in-a-cybercrime-forum/

Limited Government
The voter, not the government should be in control of their own voter registration record.

Local Control
State issued Drivers Licenses and ID cards at least insure that the person is registered as an Oregonian and presented themself in person at a DMV. Social Security numbers do not provide any evidence of Oregon residency. This further weakens Oregon voter rolls for accuracy.


  1. Melba Martin says:

    I oppose HB4133.

  2. Melba Martin says:

    I strongly oppose HB 4143. Social security numbers should never used for this purpose.

  3. Nancy Wagoner says:

    Social security and voting should never be tied together. There are two principles here and one should not be affected by the other.
    Stop thinking of ways to undermine these systems and stop inviting more fraud and more government into our individual freedoms.
    Vote NO!

  4. Alex Paul says:

    Possession of the last four digits of a Social Security number is not proof of citizenship. We once had an employee submit his social security number which we sent off for verification. Six months passed before the government wrote back and said the number didn’t match the person’s name and asked us to check. We confirmed the number and spelling, and four months passed before the government said he was an illegal alien and we had to fire him. We let him go. A week later I saw him washing dishes in a restaurant only a few miles from our business. Given the ability to conduct electronic background checks for gun owners, it is astounding that it takes so long to determine a person has a false Social Security number and then nothing is done to prevent that person from using the same number to get another job. I have no doubt that massive numbers of illegal aliens are carrying these forged social security cards as they allow a person to find work and keep finding work. By allowing people to register with only four digits of a social security number, you have no way to prove if this person is a citizen. This is just a scam to get more illegal aliens enrolled to vote. You are not even trying to follow the rules, that only citizens must be allowed the vote.

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