HB 4133 Allows social security for voter registration

This bill requires electronic voter registration system to allow qualified individual to register to vote with last four digits of an individual’s Social Security number. Requires system to enable individual to electronically submit image of signature. Authorizes Secretary of State to have system include application allowing approved third-party organizations to submit registration cards electronically on behalf of individuals. Personal Choice…

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Supporters of ranked choice voting file petitions to implement it statewide

Supporters of a voting method that allows people to rank candidates in order of preference want to give Oregonians the chance to use the method in statewide elections. It’s called “ranked choice voting.” In Oregon, it’s been used on a limited basis in Benton County. It’s used statewide in Maine and in some American cities. Supporters of the method in…

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Oregon’s political numbers as election year dawns

Saturday may be New Year’s Day, but for hardcore political watchers, the first toot of a 2022 party horn also sounds the dawn of an election year full of numbers to remember and crunch. A few key counts: It’s 69 days until the March 8 deadline to file to run for most political offices. And 139 days until the May…

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2022 brings changes to Oregon law approved in 2021 session

SALEM, Ore. — 2022 brings a fresh start for us all, and it also means a lot of bills passed in Oregon during the 2021 session go into effect. On police reform, Senate Bill 621 gives Portland the go-ahead to create its new citizen-led police oversight board. Previously, state labor law was unclear on if the city and police union…

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Clipart: of an election building

HB 3291 Allows late ballots to be counted

Signed into Law by Gov Brown

Marquis: Don’t change rules on prison inmate voting rights

This last, painful session of the Oregon Legislature was difficult for many reasons. The building was utterly off limits to everyone but legislators and their staff, meaning there was no ability to “lobby” legislators or staff, and the actual hearings were remote, meaning there was none of the usual interchange, conversation and rarely even any questions. The result has been…

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Election-day postmarked ballots will count in Oregon

Oregon, the first state to conduct all elections by mail, would join the ranks of states accepting ballots postmarked by election day under a bill that is headed to Gov. Kate Brown. House Bill 3291 was approved by the Oregon Senate without amendment on a 16-13 vote Thursday, June 24. The key vote was cast by Sen. Lee Beyer, D-Springfield,…

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