Comment Notifications to your Action Alerts

Posted on: January 20, 2019 9:20 am

Hello Team Leaders!

Here’s something a little new for 2019 that’s happening with the OCL website, when you post an action alert. At the bottom of your published post, there is an area where website visitors can leave a comment.

When a visitor makes a comment, you will be sent an email notification. It will tell you which of your action alerts was commented on, and will include what the comment is so you can read it right from the email. It will also have links in the email for you to approve the comment, or trash it. The comment will not be published on the website until you approve it, so please try to be responsive to these comment notifications.

Once a person makes a comment on the website and their comment is approved, they are automatically “approved” for any future comments they make on the website for any of the action alerts.

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