SB 1509 Modifies public purpose charges on electric bills.

Died in Committee
Provides that funding for cost-effective energy efficiency measures, market transformation measures, new renewable energy resources and low-income weatherization is subject to ratemaking processes of Public Utility Commission.  Declares emergency.


Free Markets: The increased consumer rates authorised by this bill will be used to assist the introduction of new, more expensive renewable energy sources as viable market resources.  Since the current technoledgy for renewables is currently far to expensive to compete, this bill is intended fo force rate-payers to make them seem more cost-effective.

Fiscal Responsibility: The limitations on amounts “not less than” and “not more than” are percentages of an electric company’s “annual revenue requirement”.  The percentages are currently blanks to be filled in at a later time.

Limited Government: This bill makes huge changes to ORS 757.612 that essentially replace legislative oversight with giving the Public Utility Commission authority to increase “by rule or by order” consumer electricity rates to pay for an agenda of cost-effective energy efficiency measures, ‘market transformation’ measures, new renewable energy resources and low income weatherization.  The purpose given is to require costs of funding these measures be born equally by all ‘customer classes’ served by the electric companies.


  1. Favicon image Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger says:


    Vote NO on this bill.  Why would our government vote in favor of this bill?  Good question.  Isn’t this taxation without representation?  Isn’t this set up for an anti-trust case?

    Vote No on this bill.


  2. Favicon image Bob says:


    Page Two line 21 says it all, as rate payers we will be stuck with the bill. This will be Energy Trust on steroids! 

    (A) Shall require an electric company to collect moneys from the retail electricity consumers located within the electric company’s service territory for the purpose of funding the measures;


    • Favicon image Energy says:

      Agreed. Rate payers would essentially be taxed without recourse. It makes the electric companies a part of the beaurocracy. The majority party has introduced several bills this session that use the same tactic.


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