SB 1577 Prohibits undetectable and untraceable firearms

Died in Committee
Status (overview) of bill:

This bill defines “undetectable” firearm as “constructed or produced, including through a three-dimensional printing process, entirely of nonmetal substances”; defines “untraceable” firearm as “cannot be traced by a law enforcement agency by means of a serial number affixed to the firearm.” Prohibits possession, manufacture, import into state, offer for sale, sell or transfer, undetectable or untraceable firearms.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
It has always been legal for an American citizen to manufacture a firearm for their own use as long as they don’t sell it, and adding a serial number has no purpose if the firearm is not to be sold. It is already illegal under State law to sell a firearm without performing a background check on the buyer and that process requires a serial number. Going after untraceable firearms as this bill does is a waste of resources as they are virtually never used in crimes. Why would a criminal spend hours manufacturing a single firearm when they can buy a trunkload of fully serialized, factory manufactured firearms in ten minutes on the black market? This bill has no chance of reducing crime. It is simply more harassment of law-abiding, gun-owning citizens by the embarassments who pose as Oregon legislators.

Fiscal Responsibility
Multnomah County politicians who occupy local and state office have already disbanded the gang violence investigation and interdiction section of the Portland Police, leading to an entirely predictable dramatic increase in violent crime. Now they suggest spending resources chasing undetectable and untraceable firearms which are used in 0.00000X % of crime.

Limited Government
Undetectable firearms have already been illegal under Federal law for 30 years. Are we to believe that Oregon prosecutors are more likely to prosecute manufacture or possession of an undetectable firearm, than a Federal prosecutor? If you are not familiar with Multnomah County “District Attorney” Schmidt, that question is a joke.

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