SB 207 Expands Ethics Commission to prevent walkouts

VOTE:NO – Signed into law by Gov Kotek on 5-8-23, effective 1-1-24
Status (overview) of bill:

This bill authorizes Oregon Government Ethics Commission to proceed on own motion to review and investigate, if commission has reason to believe that public body conducted meetings in executive session that were not in compliance with laws authorizing executive sessions.

On the face of it, [SB 207] is a good monitor on alleged wayward and or negligent public bodies with reference to procedural responsibilities. However, this is aimed at making the minority party show up to watch the majority party destroy liberties and personal rights. It is aimed to prevent a walkout. The Democrat Party may come to regret their revenge on Republicans, after all, they denied quorums when it served them to do so.

Due to the composition of the “Oregon Government Ethics Commission” being “political appointees,” the concern is the Commission could be weaponized to influence elections by timing investigation(s) proceeding and or during an election cycle.

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