SB 215 removes sunset on Oregon Education Investment Board

Died in Committee

Senate Committee on Education

SB 215 removes the Sunset on Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) and adds their control over the entire education system.

This bill proposes tighter state controls over education giving parents less and less voice in their child’s education. The bill also permanently moves the entire education system into OEIB. Declares bill as emergency so the public can’t initiate a repeal.

OEIB was established using $3 million out of classroom funding. Completion of this program on March 15, 2016 would restore these funds. However, if the board continues with more responsibility, it means continued use of classroom funds. The claim that there is no revenue impact is based on our classroom continuing to miss out on the original $3million taken to fund OEIB.

All the laws passed setting out the purpose and plans for OEIB identifies it as a program to instigate specific strategies and programs and then provides for those programs to be rolled over to appropriate agencies. If OEIB fulfilled their purpose according to law, other agencies will be prepared to take over their duties by March 15, 2016.

This bill replaces the responsibilities of the Superintendent of Public Instruction with the Chief Education Officer. Section 14: Where the Governor as Superintendent appoints a Deputy, adds that the Deputy will serve under control of the Chief Education Officer who is appointed by the OEIB and does not require confirmation nor accountable to the legislature or the voters.

The sunset of OEIB would put more control back to local school boards where it belongs and give parents their legal right to have input into school curriculums and policies. Vote no and keep OEIB accountable to its original purpose and support the parents in Oregon.

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