SB 32 Increases Branding Fees

Signed into Law by Gov Brown on 07/19/2021
Status (overview) of bill:
This bill is amended to remove fees that doubled the amounts on livestock branding and feedlot licensing leaving small increases on sheep and renewals. Adds an emergency clause.

This bill doubles amounts or amount caps for various fees related to livestock branding and feedlot licensing.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Increased fees means increased food costs. When people are struggling through the pandemic, it isn’t a time to increase food costs.

Fiscal Responsibility
Increases costs at all levels. Application must be accompanied by a brand recording fee of [$25] $50 for each brand on each species of livestock; recordation of brand activation fee may not exceed [$100] $200; brand renewal fee may not exceed [$100] $200; brand transfer fee [of $25], not to exceed $50; service fee, not to exceed [$25] $35; cattle hides brand inspection not more than [$1] $1.50 per head of cattle.

Free Markets
While restaurants are debating if they can survive, it rolls down to meat providers. This is not the time to hit ranchers with increased fees that will roll up to restaurants.

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