SB 409 Requires school board to post course info

SB 409 VOTE: YES – Died In Committee
Status (overview) of bill:

This bill prescribes information related to courses of study offered by school district that district school board must ensure is provided on school district’s website.

This will place accountability on teachers who try to go outside of planned materials and teachings and insert a personal/political  agenda into the teaching and doing things with our children that would be inappropriate by the educators and that parents would take issue with.

In a transparent world this information would be posted at least two weeks prior to the board meeting for adoption so objects could be voiced prior to adoption avoiding upset parents afterwards.

Talking to school board members that have gone out of the norm to put their curriculum and text books in the public library, say parents just don’t have time to do a physical viewing without a reason. Having a web list of curriculum info would help them decide whether a physical viewing is important.

We OPPOSE the Committee’s amendment -6, which waters down the bill to not be specific to the school the child attends. Making the search challenging does nothing for transparency and is no better than not passing this bill.

March 28, 2023 at 5:12 am
We are holding a rally in support of SB 409 at one pm Capitol Building steps on State Street. Then we will attend the hearing at 3 pm Please show up with white shirts on. This is an important bill for transparency and the right of everyone to know what is being taught at school and for parents to direct the education of their child. There should be no secrets at school!

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