SB 618 Increases sentence for wearing body armor

Signed into law by Gov. Kotek on 7-13-26, effective 1-1-24

Status (overview) of bill:

Amendment – Replaces the measure. Provides that a court shall, in determining aggravating factors at the time of sentencing, consider whether the person was wearing body armor at the time of committing the crime. Makes technical change.

Under ORS 137.080, after a plea or verdict of guilty, in a case where the court has discretion as to the extent of
the punishment to be inflicted, the court may or, in some circumstances, is required, to consider certain factors in
aggravation or mitigation of the punishment. ORS 137.090 outlines certain factors that a court shall consider as
aggravating in determining appropriate punishment.

Considering Multnomah County would not charge rioters the last 7 yrs because it couldn’t afford all the court appointed attorneys to do so, how will this help the lawlessness. They want a criminal to submit to being killed while committing a crime. Bullet proof vests aren’t really bullet proof, but generally saves lives. High speed calibers will travel through body armor. Body armor does not allow the criminal to escape. The majority of officers equate the feeling of being hit with body armor by a bullet with the feeling of being hit with a hammer.

The real question is how will this be used against innocent people caught in a disturbance where no guns are involved.

You can’t be against capitol punishment and for this bill.

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