SB 683 History curriculum based on racism

Died In Committee on 06/26/21
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This bill requires school districts to provide instruction on racist history of this country and state. Implements a 1619 Project-type curriculum.

Personal Choice and Responsibility

A mandatory curriculum with no balanced agenda for objective discussion is indoctrination, not equity. It degrades white students to appease adults looking for revenge.

Limited Government
The language in the bill seems to blindly copy the premises of the widely debunked New York Times 1619 Project. If enacted, this bill would mandate the statewide adoption of a 1619 Project-type curriculum for all K-12 Oregon public school students. The bill characterizes the overarching theme of Oregon and U.S. History as racist. It would require all history to be taught through an oppressed/oppressor racial lens. It requires a radical overhaul of the 5th Grade Oregon Trail Unit to characterize all pioneers as motivated chiefly by racism. It describes racism and slavery as foundational to the state and country’s law, economy, justice system, and government.

Local Control
This isn’t just a course curriculum to better understand history, it’s a shift in the entire education program with an advisory group to make sure the school comply.

Curriculum from 1619 Project by Mary Miller


  1. Carolyn Lee Webb says:

    I say please vote NO on this bill.
    It requires a radical overhaul of the 5th Grade Oregon Trail Unit to characterize all pioneers as motivated chiefly by racism.
    Many of my relatives came on the Oregon Trail in 1848 and 1852 and I have done much research on the reasons people came to Oregon. They came for free land and adventure.

  2. Lisa Lowell says:

    As a history teacher (6th – 8th grade) I feel that having to align the history curriculum I teach to an oppressor/oppressed lens creates more problems than it will ever solve. My students already have anxiety and distress over who they are, just being adolescents. Adding white-guilt to the mix will not allow them to think anything positive about themselves. Also, focusing on those aspects of our history leaves us no time to make it through the important events we need to know in order to avoid the flaws of our past. History is growing, ladies and gentlemen. If we ignore it we won’t be able to create our future. History is what can pull us together and should not be a wedge to split us apart.

    Lisa Lowell

  3. Michaela Hammerson says:

    No. Oregon Trail settlers were not motivated by racism to put their family at risk to make the treacherous journey across the country. They came for opportunity and hoped to build a better life.

    This bill is just another divisive tool to keep people segregated. Don’t fall for it.

    I have already committed to online learning for my kids so that I have oversight into their curriculum. If a bill like this passes, I will never have my kids in public school again. Many people feel the same way.

  4. Alan John says:

    With all due respect to the chair and committee members of this bill I strongly recommend a “no” vote on Senate Bill 683.
    As a Navy Submarine Veteran, a retired private and public employed individual who gave selflessly to defend and protect all citizens of the United States and to promote and demonstrate equality as a contributor and leader to my community I can say this “bill” is a waste of precious time that should be focused elsewhere in helping “all” Oregonians in getting back on their feet after the year-long shutdowns within the State of Oregon.

    During my career I created businesses, hired, lead, managed and yes fired individuals none based on race during that time. I strongly recommend you close out Senate Bill 683 and continue focus on the needs of “all” Oregonians! Respectfully Alan “aj” John

  5. Teri Lopes says:

    I urge you to vote no on this bill. After working both as daycare provider for 28 years, this would do so much more harm than good. This would not be teaching children about history, but history thru a filter. Not a good filter. We have enough negativity in this world. We need to move forward teach them to judge people on their character not anything else. To change history to make people to feel guilty for the color of their skin is wrong, it is racism in reverse. Those who came on the Oregon Trail came for freedom and land, not racism.

    Please make the right decision, vote no.



  6. Andrea smith says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I would ask that you reconsider this bill. As a Previous Oregon student (class of 2003) I was giving plenty of information regarding our History. It was not a one sided education. This bill is a waste of money, time and resources. This bill should be a big no.

    Thank you,
    Andrea smith

  7. Mary price says:

    I have a 5 year old granddaughter who loves her uncles that have different skin color and they love her she needs know only that

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