SB 709B Allows non-residents of school district to attend school

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Gutting open enrollment in Oregon would gut this rural town
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SB709 intended to “simplify” the transfer vs. Open Enrollment process by merging them into one system. What it actually creates is even more confusion, and less flexibility than the current systems. The bill would absorb open enrollment into inter-district transfers allowing home districts to veto all transfers. Would effectively gut open enrollment before its scheduled sunset, 2017

Limited Government
This bill creates more confusion and rules and further restricts student transfers by creating “windows” for transfers and then restricts all transfers after the closing date with some “exceptions defined by ODE and not individual school boards.” The restriction on advertising for public charter schools takes away the ability to advertise that now currently is allowed to charters.
Local Control
Restricts what schools can do with their assets on behalf of local and non-local students. This bill, in it’s current form, has not had an open public hearing, nor has it been vetted appropriately through OSBA or COSA membership. It is a veiled attempt to restrict school choice, and harm charter schools.
Free Markets
This bill would absorb open enrollment into inter-district transfers, which would allow home districts to veto all transfers. If passed, SB 709 would effectively gut open enrollment, well before it is scheduled to sunset in 2017. Washington gives receiving districts some ability to limit transfers during an existing school year if the program or classrooms are “full,” but they can’t say no forever like they can in Oregon. In Oregon, the Charter School rules governing open enrollment and transportation are very similar to the Washington System. Why not adopt these rules for all public schools? It would level the playing field and greatly simplify the process.

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