SB 748 Carbon Pollution Permit Program

Died in Committee

Establishes a carbon pollution permit program and an oversight advisory committee. Adopts by rules greenhouse gas emission goals operative January 1, 2021. Provides for distribution of moneys received from fees and penalties under carbon pollution permit program.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Impacts consumer in higher energy rates in a monopoly with very little choice. An emergency doesn't exist to warrant an emergency clause that takes away the right of voters to challenge this law.

Fiscal Responsibility
Oversight Advisory Committee is to focus on use of moneys received as fees and penalties, reductions of emissions from the use of the money, and benefits to disadvantaged communities and economically distressed areas. It's a non-transparent form of taxation that is passed to consumers. The Climate Investments Account, Climate Assistance Fund and Just Transition Fund are 'redistribution of wealth.'

Limited Government
Expands government by creating a new program to meet emission goals, a carbon pollution permit program where covered entities annually obtain permits for their yearly allowance. Rules will define a cap on emissions allowed and set a schedule for reduction of allowable emissions in excess of 25,000 units of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

Free Markets
Restricts the free market by setting individual emissions that limit what an individual covered entity is permitted to emit in one calendar year under the carbon pollution permit program and a schedule for decreases.

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