SB 81 Requires certain tuition at community college be waived if person meets specified criteria.

Signed into Law

Senate Committee On Education
Public Hearing held 2/24/2015

SB 81 offers a waiver of tuition at community colleges if a person meets certain (very minor) requirements. This bill, in essence, does away with tuition fees and offers a “free” course of studies at community colleges.

Personal Choice This bill requires very little or no personal responsibility for covering the costs of two or more years of study at a community college. This plan has been high on the ex-Governor’s grandiose plan for education in this state. The entire responsibility for paying for the expensive program of education, from pre-K through the AA degree (Associate Degree) falls on you and me. The entire burden of paying for 15 plus years of education will fall on the Oregon property owner and tax payer. No choice for them!
Fiscal Responsibility There is no fiscal responsibility here. The tax burden is already overwhelming for many Oregon citizens. This bill just adds a whole new level of tax burden. This is a totally irresponsible bill which must be defeated.
Limited Government New tax burdens are placed on struggling citizens by Legislators who are out of touch with everyday Oregonians. This bill deserves a great big NO.
Local Control There is very little control in this state which has an out of control Legislature.

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