SB 847 Property tax freeze for new homes

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee
Status (overview) of bill:
Committee assigned to bill:

Allows affordable housing on lands zoned for commercial uses within urban growth boundaries. This bill freezes assessed value for five years for property with newly constructed accessory dwelling unit or middle housing, used as occupant’s primary residence. Establishes timelines and requirements to file claim; allows for appeal of denial. Terminates benefit in event eligible property is no longer occupied as primary residence. Allows frozen assessed value to transfer to new owner within five-year period, provided property remains new owner’s primary residence and timely claims are filed. Provides exemption for unoccupancy due to health or active military service.

Prevents local governments from prohibiting the siting and development of residential uses on commercially-zoned land within urban growth boundaries. This should be left to local communities to decide what fits for their community.

Further, providing more affordable housing has a direct impact to fire districts throughout Oregon. Most fire districts already lose money due to urban renewal districts and enterprise zones.

Numerous amendment will change the bill. The various amendments shows that one size does not fit all communities.

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