SB 891 Modifies Oregon Death with Dignity Act

SB 891 modifies Oregon Death with Dignity Act
VOTE: NO – Died In Committee
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This bill modifies provisions relating to Oregon Death with Dignity Act. Expands “physician” to “provider,” which expands who can assess, evaluate or consult with patient in decisions and prescribe lethal drugs to include physician assistant and nurse practitioner. Repeals residency requirement. Modifies permissible methods of delivering prescription to pharmacist to electronically and electronic confirmation. Reduces certain waiting periods from 15 days to 48 hours.

Changes “examine” to “evaluate” to confirm patient’s terminal disease. This is hands off determination of strangers coming from out-of-state. I am living proof of a diagnosis of a terminal illness that a second opinion negated. It’s now 20 years after a max of 8 years diagnosis.

Allows owner, operator or employee of a health care facility where patient is receiving treatment to be a witness on the termination of life form.

Allows counseling by a psychiatrist that isn’t licensed.

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