SB 990 Exempts Small Modular Reactors

Passed the Senate, Died in House (Energy & Environment) Committee

This bill exempts small modular reactors from certain siting restrictions that apply to nuclear-fueled thermal power plants, and requires placement in city or county where electors have approved of small modular reactors being located.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Will provide an option for places dependent on coal that is being eliminated.

Limited Government
Requires disposal of high-level radioactive waste by small modular reactor to comply with process approved or adopted by United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Local Control
These smaller reactors are factory-fabricated and can be transported by truck or rail to a site, making them potentially useful in remote areas that have difficulty accessing economically efficient, reliable energy sources. This bill requires emergency planning zones for small modular reactors to be located in county where electors of county have approved of small modular reactors being located in county.

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