SJR 18 & 20 Prioritizes Education Budget

VOTE: YES – Died in Committee

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SJR 20: These bills amend Oregon Constitution to require Legislative Assembly to pass bill appropriating funds K-12 public education and Governor's approved by 65th day of regular session and prohibit compensation of legislators if bill is not passed. Refers amendment to voters. (SJR 18 Governor's approval before passing any bill appropriating funds for any other state agency. Specifies that bill appropriating money to state agency in violation of section is void.)

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Gives voters the choice of having schools and classroom placed as a priority in the budget process.

Fiscal Responsibility
SJR 20: The members of the Legislative Assembly are not entitled to any compensation for the period beginning on the 66th day after commencement of the regular session and ending on the date a bill is passed, or after 2 weeks when the Governor returns a bill, whichever is later.

Limited Government
This proposal will prevent legislature from holding education funding hostage to raise taxes and other budget negotiations. It places serious priority on raising the graduation rates and proficiencies in academics.


  1. Gordon Fiddes says:

    Something has to be done to prevent our children from being held hostage by the legislature.  They should not be pawns sacrificed on the altar of higher taxes.

    School Boards are unable to establish budgets when the legislature dwaddles.  Legislators need to get their jobs done in a timely manner for 220 school boards to do their jobs properly.

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