SJR 2 & SB 224 Removes Superintendent of Public Instruction from Constitution

Died In Committee on 06/26/21
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This bill amends constitution to remove provision that makes Superintendent of Public Instruction constitutional office that is filled by Governor or as result of statewide election.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Removes the people’s constitutional involvement in the oversight and policies of our children’s education.

Limited Government
Attached to SB 224 which makes the Superintended an appointed position by the Governor and head of the Department of Education. The reason it was separated from Department of Education was to have more direction and research into curriculum and success of our students. Now, when the need is the greatest, they want to move backward into a failed model.


  1. Michaela Hammerson says:

    We the people want to be involved in OUR children’s education. School should never be a partisan institution. Politicizing the superintendent position will do more to divide citizens who are already divided. Where do we draw the line? We have seen so many recent attempts from this state to limit parenting choices. They are telling us we can’t use charter schools unless our districts approve. They have tried to make it illegal for children to go to school or be homeschooled if they are not fully vaccinated. They are currently attempting to limit school options to local schools only (when kids have been forced throughout the whole year to attend school remotely). Why can’t we choose what is best for our families without interference from the government? I want the government out of our homes and out of our parenting decisions. I want to choose what my children are being taught.

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