SB 1529 gives OHA Emergency Authority

Signed into law by Gov Brown on 3-17-22 This bill allows the Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Director to declare a health care emergency and to deploy the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers upon approval of the Governor, and provide workers’ compensation coverage for volunteers. Applies existing reimbursement cost-sharing to all contracts between pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers, and increases…

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SB 1517 State of emergency limitations

This bill requires that declarations and extensions of states of emergency under certain statutes be accompanied by written explanations. Establishes durational limits, and extensions of emergency requires approval of Legislative Assembly. All emergency rules and orders expire upon termination of state of emergency. Limited Government Also provides that, after termination of state of emergency, Governor may not declare another state…

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HB 4058 Emergency distribution of air conditioners

This bill directs Oregon Health Authority to create program to acquire and distribute air conditioners and air purifiers on emergency basis to individuals eligible for medical assistance. Appropriates moneys to authority to implement program. Personal Choice and Responsibility This is a feel-good bill with a big price tag for taxpayers. We all care about the 100 people that died during…

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Rep. Reschke: Review of legislature’s first week

New Speaker of the House For the first time in 9 years, Oregon’s House of Representatives has a new Speaker of the House: Representative Dan Rayfield of Corvallis. How Speaker Rayfield will differ from the previous Speaker is yet to be seen. Bills  I introduced two bills on the opening day of session: • HJR 201 – Ending the Governor’s…

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HJR 206 Limits Governor to declare an emergency

This bill refers to the voters the option to vote to amend the Oregon Constitution to limit the Governor’s ability to declare an emergency or exercise powers under the declaration of emergency to only those granted by the law and for 30 days. Personal Choice and Responsibility This resolution would bring better balance to Oregon’s government which currently concentrates a…

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HJR 201 Ending the emergency

BILL  WAITING TO BE ASSIGNED A HEARING This bill will terminate state of emergency relating to COVID-19. Personal Choice and Responsibility Forces people to take an unproven Vaccine that is ineffective in protecting from the Covid-19 virus is ludicrous. Forcing people to wear an ineffective mask is without a doubt the dumbest thing we have faced. It is constitutionally a…

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Rep. Reschke bills: Stop endless emergencies. End medical discrimination.

State Representative Reschke announced he will introduce two bills for the 2022 short legislative session, which begins in Salem on February 1st. End the State of Emergency HJR 201 is a resolution, that upon passage, would immediately terminate the Governor’s state of emergency declaration that first began March 2020. The resolution does not require the Governor’s signature to take effect,…

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Photo: Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms equipment

SB 296 Chief Justice during Emergency suspend time periods in court proceedings

Signed into Law by Gov Brown