HB 4002 Overtime pay for agricultural workers

Signed into law by Gov Brown

Bill that would require higher OT for Oregon farmworkers lives another day

A proposal to require higher overtime wages for Oregon farmworkers will remain in play for the rest of the 2022 legislative session. The House Business and Labor Committee has voted 7-4 to refer House Bill 4002 to the House Revenue Committee, which isn’t subject to legislative deadlines that cull proposed legislation. “I will continue to advocate for its passage because…

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Oregon Democrats: guarantee farmworker overtime with public money

Oregon Democrats’ last-ditch effort to guarantee overtime pay for farmworkers could see the state pick up the tab for small farms. House Bill 2358 is the most recent piece of legislation that would mandate overtime pay for farmworkers after 40 hours in a workweek at one-and-a-half times regular wage. It would include farmworkers who work by piece-rate or hourly. In effect,…

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