HB 3166 Establishes standards to hire non-licensed persons to teach non-core working skills classes.

Signed into Law

HB 3166 establishes standards for school districts to hire non-licensed persons with appropriate skills to teach non-core working skills classes.

Personal Choice
Not every student is destined for college, but Oregon schools have sacrificed trade or shop classes to concentrate on core, college-prep courses. This has left many students with choice; leave school early to get a job and learn a trade or stay in school to learn subjects that will be of little use in the future. This bill will help correct that mistake.

Fiscal Responsibility
Correcting Oregon’s dismal graduation rates will have fiscal impact, but teaching our children the skills they will need in life is a major responsibility of government.

Limited Government
Oregon’s school system has become a dismal failure by requiring schools to narrow the teaching effort to ‘one size fits all’ standards. This bill is a first step in correcting that mistake.

Local Control
This bill provides local school boards a method for choosing alternative, noncore teachers and classes to teach skills appropriate to their communities.

Free Markets
Public schools provide the service of teaching our students the things they will need later in life. Oregon’s public schools have chosen to teach skills for only one path; go to college. The free market choice for those students who are not destined for college are exercising there right to choose a different path which has made Oregon 49th nationally in high school graduation rates. This bill will help to correct that.

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