HB 3305 Ban on selling diesel

Died In Committee on 06-26-21
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Measures/Overview/HB3305
Committee assigned to bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Committees/JCT/Overview

This bill prohibits retail dealer, non-retail dealer or wholesale dealer from selling petroleum diesel for use in motor vehicle. ‘Petroleum diesel‘ does not include fuel that consists of a blend of petroleum diesel and biodiesel or other renewable diesel where the biodiesel or other renewable diesel is at least 99 percent of the mixture by volume.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Attacks working Oregonians of every sector relying on shipments.

Fiscal Responsibility
Our entire economy depends on the free flow of freight by both truck and rail, nearly all of which is powered by diesel engines. There is no commercially available, cost-effective alternatives to transporting goods. The impacts of this bill goes beyond trucking and freight and would destroy any and every industry that relies on heavy equipment, render tens-of-thousands of personal vehicle inoperable, and put countless Oregonians out of work.

Limited Government
This bill puts the cart before the horse – the study should come before adoption. The Department of Environmental Quality, in consultation with the State Department of Agriculture, shall study the supply of petroleum diesel and fuels that can be used as alternatives to petroleum diesel; whether that supply is sufficient to meet the demand of government bodies, businesses and individuals in light of the requirements of this 2021 Act; and the effects of this 2021 Act on the clean fuels program adopted by the Environmental Quality Commission by rules.

Local Control
The bill would begin to ban the sale of “petroleum” diesel by “non-retail dealers” as soon as 2024 in Clackamas, Washington or Multnomah counties and state-wide by 2027; and retail dealer in 2025 going state-wide by 2028. “Petroleum diesel” means fuel produced from the distillation of petroleum or its products that is suitable for use in a compression ignition engine.

Free Markets
The bill defines non-retail dealers as “any person who owns, operates, controls or supervises an establishment at which diesel fuel is dispensed through a card-activated or key-activated fuel dispensing device to nonretail customers for use in a motor vehicle.”

“There is simply no alternative to transporting these goods”


  1. Vicky Long says:

    Definitely getting the cart before the horse. Retail and non-retail have no control over vehicle manufactures, truck, semiTruck, tractor, etc. These needed modes of carrying out occupational duties are typically purchased from manufacturers who are not beholden to Oregon State laws. Oregon consumers who buy these vehicles for needed job duties would be unable to perform their work. Unless all manufacturers of diesel vehicles have on line and ready for purchase non diesel vehicles by 2025, the diesel vehicles will be needed and Oregon consumers have no control over manufacturers, in particular those who are based out of state.

  2. Michael Sears says:

    HB 3305 – NEA


    I oppose this bill because there is no remedy to those who own and depend upon diesel vehicles for our work or business. Our ownership of these vehicles represent a large investment in our lives and the bill does not provide relief from the loss of use by banning of the sale of our fuel.

    There have been recent environmental and efficiency studies released that dependence upon electrical powered vehicles is not dependable, efficient or cost effective.

    thank you

    Mike Sears

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