SB 124 Program for backup energy resource

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This bill establishes Renewable Hydrogen-Fueled Generator Grant Program within Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) to provide grants to fund replacement of backup electrical systems or generators that use diesel or fossil fuels with renewable hydrogen-fueled generators that don’t emit greenhouse gases.

In other words, when green renewable energy is lacking and causes rolling blackout, they want the same source to be used for backup. It isn’t a backup source, it’s a way to funnel what little energy there is into the prioritized areas for buildings designated to provide emergency shelters; infrastructure, facilities and buildings related that provide critical public services; hospital and health care facilities; and infrastructure, facilities, and buildings used to provide utilities. That leaves our homes in the dark.

Appropriates $5 million from General Fund to Renewable Hydrogen-Fueled Generator Grant Fund. Directs ODOE to develop planning goals for development of hydrogen production and storage and other hydrogen-related infrastructure. Don’t waste taxpayer money on a plan that is doomed to not work.

An iron clad backup is to quit supporting the China windmills that need maintenance, and China made solar panels that are made using coal energy. And declare hydropower as renewable energy. If you look at the life of green energy, it is less green than hydropower and natural gas.

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