SB 240 Removes virtual limitations on school choice

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This bill expands school choice by removing the limitation on percentage of students in school district who may enroll in virtual public charter school not sponsored by school district and removes prior approval from school district.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Public schools have failed in providing with virtual learning during the pandemic and more parents looked elsewhere for education options. Removes limitation so that a student who wishes to enroll in a virtual public charter school does not need the approval of the school district where the student is a resident before the student enrolls in the virtual public charter school. If a student wishes to enroll in a virtual public charter school, the parent, legal guardian or person in parental relationship with the student must provide notice to the school district where the student is a resident intent to enroll the student in a virtual public charter school; and enrollment of the student in a virtual public charter school.

Limited Government
Limits government control by increasing school choice and competition for virtual public schools sponsored by the school district. Legislative debate is geared toward keeping it at 3 or 4%.


  1. Alice Raviolo says:

    I believe in school choice, and support this bill giving parents more flexibility in being able to send their children to the school of their choosing.

  2. Carolyn Lee Webb says:

    I think school choice is great. I have grandchildren who would really appreciate this.

  3. David Klaus says:

    The prolonged closure of in person instruction of our students in public schools has had an immeasurable detrimental effect on their mental health and ability to learn. Thus far, virtual learning as facilitated by public schools has proven to be a disaster, with many students falling far behind where they should be academically. Therefore, I strongly urge this bill be passed so that parents and students alike have greater choice in and availability of quality instruction.

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