SB 819 Increases amount school districts pay public charter schools.

Died in Committee

Personal Choice
If this does increase the number of charter schools, it will give more choice and responsibility to parents and students.

Fiscal Responsibility
Current funding of charter schools is 80% of the State General Purpose Grant, which amounts to under $5000 per pupil and about half of what is spent by the districts. Districts have several other sources of funds other than the State General Purpose Grant and that’s why they have so much more money. This bill would give 95% of the State General Purpose Grant to the charters which would make more charter operations financially feasible. It still leave more with the district than they need to oversee the charters, but it should increase the numbers of charters and their viability.

Local Control
Charter school advocates fought for this three years ago and lost. They support this bill

Free Markets
It will also potentially increase number of charter schools due to more leveling of the field in free markets.

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