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HB 2653A Establishes beekeeping standards

Establishes standards for those that own or are in charge of five or more colonies of bees located within this state.

Original Salem State Capital

HJR 31 Legislative impeachment powers

SJR 31 is a bill establishing a means for the state to impeach an executive who has committed heinous crimes against the citizens of Oregon.

Clipart: map of fictional city

HB 2012 Increases Oregon minimum wage

HB 2012 Increases Oregon minimum wage rate in graduated steps to $13.50 per hour by 2017. Amending ORS 653.025.

Original Salem State Capital

HB 3483 Adding secular organization to solemnize marriage

HB 3483A Secular organizations and legislators to list persons and entities authorized to solemnize marriages.

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HB 2158 Corporate Excise Tax Rates Based on HS Graduation Rates

VOTE:NO – Died in Committee – Provides for increase in personal income and corporate excise tax rates to fund the School Improvement Fund based on high school graduation rate.