Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

SB 1065 Allows delays of firearm purchases

SB 1065 VOTE:NO – Died in Committee Posted on Track their vote This bill authorizes transfer of firearm by gun dealer or private party after 14 days (an additional delay of 11 days over current law) if Department of State Police is unable to determine whether recipient is qualified to receive firearm, as long as gun dealer or transferor does…

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SB 494 Advance Directive Rules

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee – Repeals advance directive form and establishes Advance Directive Rules Adoption Committee to adopt a form

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

HJM 6 Urges Congress to Fund VA Healthcare Permanently

HJM 6 VOTE:YES – Filed with SOS Status (overview) of bill: Posted on This bill urges Congress to change funding of veterans' health care from discretionary entitlement to permanent and direct entitlement. Limited Government Oregon ranks 49th in VA health care. Permanent funding would help to stabilize and improve Oregon's program.

Energy & Transportation

SB 990 Exempts Small Modular Reactors

VOTE:YES – Died in Committee – Exempts small modular reactors from certain siting restrictions that apply to nuclear-fueled thermal power plants, and requires placement in city or county where electors have approved of small modular reactors being located.

Energy & Transportation

SB 339A Caps Biomass as Renewable Energy

VOTE:NO – Passed – Signed by Gov – Caps electricity generated by any single biomass facility that may be used to meet renewable standards in order to promote diversity of resource types that can be used to comply with Oregon’s small-scale renewable energy requirement.