HB 4139 ODOT greenhouse gas emission assessment

Signed into law by Gov Brown on 3-23-22

Floor Vote Remote
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2022R1/Measures/Overview/HB4139

This bill establishes a pilot program for greenhouse gas reduction that assesses the greenhouse gas emission from concrete, asphalt paving mixtures, steel products, and other products identified by ODOT, and conduct a life cycle assessment and strategies for reducing emissions, but prohibits using score for selecting a contractor.

Fiscal Responsibility
Appropriates Other Fund of $236,219 for 2021-23 and $515,394 for 2023-25 biennium for one Professional Engineer 2 position to manage the technical advisory committee, rulemaking, and coordinating and conducting studies of various proposals. ODOT will also need one Civil Engineering Specialist 3 position to act as a point of contact for the technical advisory committee’s work across the five ODOT regions.

Limited Government
The measure requires ODOT to establish, by rule, a program to extend grants to bidders that require financial assistance, to prepare environmental product declarations (EPD), but ODOT is prohibited from using EPDs as a consideration of ranking or scoring bids. The measure stipulates that prior to establishing the grant program, ODOT must return to the Legislature to request funding to support this grant program. In addition, the measure requires ODOT to submit a report to the Oregon Transportation Commission and an interim committee of the Legislative Assembly related to transportation. Establish a technical advisory committee to assist ODOT with implementing the program and recommend quantities of covered material below which an EPD is not required.

Free Markets
The measure directs ODOT to require submission of an EPD before a contractor installs the covered materials. ODOT can waive this requirement under certain circumstances and prohibits ODOT from using EPDs as a consideration of ranking or scoring bids. If the score isn’t used, what’s the purpose of this busy work?


  1. Linda fravel says:
    Marlene Pickens says:

    This new program will cost 1/2 million (just for 2 years)+ rules to grant more $ to bidders ++,spending more of our tax dollars. Could you representatives of the people just not spend so much. I would like a response please. Sincerely,

    Marlene Pickens

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