Salem State Capital

SB 1506 Public Records Accessibility

VOTE:YES – Died In Committee. Establishes Public Records Advocate as independent office within executive department.

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

HB 4126 Concealing Face During Riot

VOTE:YES – Died In Committee. Increases penalties for concealing persons face during a riot.


HB 4127A School-Based Oral Health

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee. Directs schools to include oral health classes and establishes a school-based Community Dental Health Coordinator Pilot Program to provide exams and possible treatments.

Salem State Capital

SJR 202 Eliminate the Short Session

Vote YES – Died in Committee. This would eliminate the even-numbered year, short 35 day legislative session by the will of the people to amend the Oregon Constitution.

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

HB 4041 Reorganizes Several Departments of Emergency Preparedness and Response

VOTE:NO – Died In Committee. Renames the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) as Oregon Department of Emergency Management and establishes the department as a state agency independent from the Oregon Military Department (OMD)