Taxes & Fees

SB 564 Limits Debt Service

VOTE:YES – Died In Committee – Limits issuing bonds where the debt service does not exceed 5% of the General Fund revenues estimated to be received in the biennium provided in Article IX, section 14, of the Oregon Constitution.

Agraculture, Environment, & Natural Resources

HB 2320 Non-Motorized Boating Program

Died In Committee. Establishes a Non-Motorized Boating Program that requires education on use and safety, and regulations adopted by rule; and provide safe access to waters. Safety is not the issue so the program is to increase funding.

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

SB 694 raise property tax exemption for disabled veterans

SB 694 VOTE:YES – Died in Committee Status (overview) of bill: Posted on Track Thier Vote HERE This bill will raise property tax exemption for property of veterans with disabilities to reflect modern, higher property values. Fiscal Responsibility changes the exempt from taxation from $18,000 to $65,000 of the assessed value of the homestead or personal property for veterans with…

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SJR 2 Register to vote the day before the election.

VOTE:NO – Died in Committee – Would change the voter registration deadline to the day before an election.

Salem State Capital

HB 2704A Funds Marketing of Electric Vehicles

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee – Provides rebates for purchase of low emission vehicles and zero-emission transit buses, etc.