Energy & Transportation

SB 1547 B Ceases Electric Utilities From Acquiring Electricity From Coal-Fired Plants

Vote NO – Passed – Directs PUC to develop renewable standards eliminating coal and increase renewable power to double that required by the Oregon Renewable Portfolio Standards.

Taxes & Fees

HB 4146C Increases Lodging Tax

VOTE:NO – Passed – Increases state transient lodging tax rate.

Economic Development & Land Use

HB 4004 Removes Jason Lee statue from DC

HB 4004 VOTE: NO Died In Committee   Status (overview) of bill:     HB 4004 has passed the committee and is awaiting transfer to the House Desk.  Please contact your Legislators both House and Senate, as bills are moving very fast through committees and to a floor vote. A NO vote is asked to allow for more public…

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Economic Development & Land Use

HB 4012A Dam removal monitoring projects and funding

VOTE: NO Died In Committee   Status (overview) of bill: Committee assigned to bill:   HB 4012 has been gut and stuffed. HB4012 A would authorize the issuance of lottery bonds to finance water quality monitoring projects related to removal of dams and establish Water Quality Monitoring Fund. Continuously appropriates moneys in fund to Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board. Personal Choice and…

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Salem State Capital

HB 4073A adds secular organizations to solemnize marriages

VOTE:NO Died In Committee Status (cverview) of bill:   This bill adds secular organizations to list of persons and entities authorized to solemnize marriages. Personal Choice In 2012 the U.K. Forced Marriage Unit reported 1,485 cases of forced marriage. The AHA Foundation, an advocacy organization founded by vocal women’s rights defenders, helped 54 victims in 2013 out of forced marriages….

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