Agraculture, Environment, & Natural Resources

HB 3554 creates GMO free market production district formation

Expands the authority of Department of Agriculture to establish tighter controls on GMO ‘commodity plants’ including eradicating or excluding GMO plants, and establishes labeling requirements for GMO seeds.


SJR 2 Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution; transfers tax revenues to state school fund for K-12 public education.

Removes the current law that excess personal income tax revenues should be returned to personal income taxpayers. Refers proposed amendment to voters in next regular general election.


HB 3475 National Popular Vote

HB 3475 will enact Oregon as a member of the Interstate Compact for agreement among the states to elect the President by National Popular Vote.


HB 2758A Abortion not reported to policy holder

HB 2758A prohibits disclosure of sensitive information to other than enrollee, will allow minor to have parents insurance pay for services, IE abortion without parents being informed of the nature of the fees.


HB 3357 Hospital fines

Hospital to pay $250,000 for each year it does not offer medicine residency program