Salem State Capital

HB 4155A Broadband Internet Access

VOTE:NO – Governor Brown Signed into Law – Authorizes PUC to regulate broadband internet access providers that contract with public bodies, and prohibits a public body from contracting with a broadband Internet access provider if it engages in paid prioritization, blocks lawful content or applications, or disadvantages lawful Internet content.

Salem State Capital

HB 4023B Broadband Services

VOTE:NO – Governor Brown Signed into Law – Relating to broadband technology; and declaring an emergency

Agraculture, Environment, & Natural Resources

HB 4138 Motorboats Causing Erosion

VOTE: NO – Died in Committee – This bill is directed at one area of conflict along the Willamette River, but the authorization applies to the whole state.

Taxes & Fees

HB 4146 Funding of Oregon Reinsurance Program

VOTE:YES – Died in Committee –


SB 1510A Restricts Initiative Petition Process

VOTE:NO – Governor Brown Signed into Law – Amends state election laws for the citizen’s Initiative petition process by limiting the signature gathering period, making it more difficult for an initiative to qualify.