SB 556 Prohibits use of expulsion to address truancy.

SB 556 disallows expulsion from the public schools for truancy.

Energy & Transportation

HB 3415A 10-Year moratorium on hydraulic-fracturing

This bill replaces HB 3415 to conduct a review of statutes and rules applicable to best practices and standards for hydraulic fracturing reporting recommendations by 9/15/2016.

Agraculture, Environment, & Natural Resources

SB 202 Establishes Oregon Academy of Sciences

Establishes Oregon Academy of Sciences as nonprofit corporation to serve as principal source of scientific investigation at request of the Governor and Legislature.


HB 2616 Establishes state apprenticeship education and training fund.

Establishes a State Apprenticeship Education and Training fund to be overseen by the Bureau of Labor and Industry.

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

SB 945 Criminalizes endangering a minor by access to a firearm

Creates crime of endangering a minor by allowing access to a firearm.