Salem State Capital

SB 1506 Public Records Accessibility

VOTE:YES – Died In Committee. Establishes Public Records Advocate as independent office within executive department.

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

HB 4126 Concealing Face During Riot

VOTE:YES – Died In Committee. Increases penalties for concealing persons face during a riot.


HB 4127A School-Based Oral Health

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee. Directs schools to include oral health classes and establishes a school-based Community Dental Health Coordinator Pilot Program to provide exams and possible treatments.

Salem State Capital

SJR 202 Eliminate the Short Session

Vote YES – Died in Committee. This would eliminate the even-numbered year, short 35 day legislative session by the will of the people to amend the Oregon Constitution.

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

HB 4041 Reorganizes Several Departments of Emergency Preparedness and Response

VOTE:NO – Died In Committee. Renames the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) as Oregon Department of Emergency Management and establishes the department as a state agency independent from the Oregon Military Department (OMD)

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

HB 4005A Mandatory Gun Lock Up

VOTE:NO – Died in Committee. Requires owner or possessor of firearm to secure firearm with trigger or cable lock or in locked container when transferring the firearm and at all other times that the firearm is not carried by or under the “control” of the owner, and more.

Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms

SB 1538 Localities allowed to ban carry by CHL holders

VOTE:NO – Died in Committee. Allows cities, counties, school districts, colleges and universities, and metropolitan service districts to ban carried firearms in or on the grounds of “Public Buildings” – even by those with Concealed Handgun Licenses.